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In a fluctuating landscape of consolidation, digitisation, shrinking margins and automation, Alpha helps its clients think smarter and shape their business for the future.

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Our purpose is to help you make the most of the opportunities in our rapidly changing industries.

In a fluctuating landscape of consolidation, digitisation, shrinking margins, and automation, Alpha helps its clients think smarter and shape their business for the future. When your clients’ demands become more complicated, we help you work more effectively. Where your rivals look to outcompete you, we’ll help you achieve the reverse.

Alpha FMC

Meet our Team

People are the cornerstone of our business, and it is their specialist skills and interests that enable us to deliver great work for our clients.

Alex Heasman
Andrew Elko
Christine Skouenborg
Andrew Glessing
Barrie West
Claire Wallace
Bastiaan Aalders
Bernardo Castel-Branco
Bo Lantorp
Bob Carrier
Bradley Northrop
Brett Nielsen
Charles-Antoine Desjardins
Chris Kroeger
Dan Mahony
David Clarke
David Hamill
David Shuttle
Jill May E (Chair), A, N, R
Duncan Spencer
Eloise Lipkin
Greg Cook
Laura Kayrouz
Greg Faragher-Thomas
Harry Shearer
Hugues Delage
Hugo Ney
James Turnbull
Joe Docker
Joe Morant
John Paton
Jon Benson
Jon Reed
Julien Dernoncourt
Keith Aylwin
Ken Fry N (Chair), R, A, E
Kenn Taylor
Chris Kroeger
Kevin O’Shaughnessy
Lee Griggs
Jamie Forrester
Luc Baqué
Sarah Peacock
Maeve Byrne A (Chair), E, N, R
Vanessa Bingle
Tony Sault
Marie-Vincent Bikouedi
Matt Bacon
Matthew Mace
Michael Chaille
Michael Thomson
Mike Burns
Penny Judd R (Chair), A, E, N
Mike Smith
Sophie Barker Taylor
Miles Bishop
Miloslav Moc
Natalie McIntyre
Neil Curham
Nick Dekker
Nick Fienberg
Olivia Vinden
Paul Tan
Pierre Bauwens
Richard Lavelle
Rory Craven
Sam Iles
Stuart McNulty
Tom Whitson
Tom Williams
Troy Mortimer
Valentin Dadure
Veit Jung
Vincent Mignon
William Karkar
Nicolas Grangeon

Alpha’s executive team is supported by management teams globally, working across our offices and service propositions, and is overseen by the Board of Directors.

Our Executive Team

Our executive team provides strategic and operational leadership, overseeing the management of the Alpha Group, coordination of commercial activities and execution of the strategy.

Our Management Teams

Our management teams support the executive team in executing on the strategy and running the business. Our business operations team and management committees represent the wider team with a specific focus on internal operations, people and talent, culture and diversity.

Our Directors

We have experts in every area of consulting for asset management, wealth management and the insurance industries, and we are constantly keeping their skills at the very forefront of industry development.

Our Board

The Alpha Board comprises six Directors (four Non Executive Directors and two Executive Directors) and is committed to overseeing a strong corporate culture and governance, and delivering a strategy for growth.

To achieve your goals our principles are:

Advice must be actionable.

Rather than endless PowerPoints or theorising, our priority is practical advice you can use straight away. We’re strategic thinkers who focus on solutions that immediately benefit your business.

The answer is never the same.

What’s right for your business must be unique. We’re adept at adapting the proven and the innovative to solve your particular challenges.

Global shouldn’t mean remote.

We believe working with you means being in the same room. With consultants in all the major financial centres, we can be with you whenever you need our local expertise and global insight.

There’s no room for ego.

We work well as a team because we like each other, and we like what we do. There are no egos involved, we share knowledge and believe good ideas can come from anywhere. We’re genuinely excited by the challenges our clients set us.

Everything we do must add value.

In times of unprecedented change, it’s easy to do something for the sake of it or because everyone else is doing it. If we can’t see how it adds value to your business, we’ll tell you.

Alpha FMC
What they say
Alpha’s greatest strength is having good people, and with Alpha you can be sure of what you are getting
Director, Global Financial Institution
Alpha FMC
The people at Alpha are our greatest asset. We remain completely committed to hiring the very highest quality consultants at every level
Luc Baqué, Chief Executive Officer
What we say

Alpha Impact

At Alpha we all contribute to the development of our sustainable culture, and work hard to make sure that we support our clients and each other, as well as give back to the wider community.

Alpha FMC