Culture and Values

Alpha’s culture and values are a core part of our business

Our Culture

We want Alpha to be recognised as the best consulting firm in all the sectors in which we operate. To achieve this, we strive to deliver outstanding outcomes for all our stakeholders:

  • helping our clients to make the most of the opportunities in their markets;
  • providing our people the best working environment and experience possible;
  • building a profitable and sustainable business for our investors; and
  • creating a positive impact for the communities in which we work

How we do it:

  • Attracting, retaining and developing the best talent in the market
  • Developing highly focused sector propositions with the best expertise
  • Nurturing the best culture that places people at the heart of the business
  • Prioritising delivery excellence and the best service for all our clients

Alpha’s Culture

We are committed to developing and preserving an inclusive culture that places people at the heart of the Alpha business. Our culture is based on integrity, fairness, meritocracy and giving everyone the opportunity to feel they have a part to play in the success of Alpha. We recognise talent on an individual level, but we encourage and celebrate success at a team level. We are collaborative – framed by respect and support for all our people at all times.

Our culture in action:

  • Engagement – a strong emphasis on employee engagement and feedback
  • Development and performance – a focus on mentorship, support and learning
  • Social – building positive and meaningful relationships with our people and all stakeholders
  • Diversity and inclusion – supporting and growing a diverse team, and valuing and promoting all aspects of inclusion
  • ESG – being conscious of our impact and enacting positive change
  • Community – being global citizens and supporting our communities

Our Values

Deep Expertise

We provide deep expertise in our specialist areas


We take accountability for delivery – we own and take responsibility for outcomes

Meritocratic, Sociable and Supportive Environment

We provide a meritocratic, sociable and supportive environment – we want to be recognised as the best place to work in our industry, with personal career progression based on transparent and meritocratic considerations


We are socially and ethically responsible


Everything we do is defined by integrity – we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, honesty and personal integrity


We are proactive – we use our extensive personal and corporate experience to find solutions


We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients