ESG Investment Process Integration

ESG Investment Process Integration

Vanessa Bingle


Chief Investment Officer & Global Head of ESG


Equities, Fixed Income, Real Estate, Private Markets, Multi-Asset, Fund of Funds, Quantitative Strategies

Client Type

Global Asset Manager

Client Challenges

  • Varying levels of ESG integration across different investment teams with no unifying message or minimum standards, leading to inconsistent messaging to clients
  • Lack of internal expertise to understand what “good” looks like for Private Markets and Fund of Funds
  • Lack of buy-in amongst investment teams of the value of further embedding ESG

Alpha Approach

  • Research and interviews conducted to understand current levels of ESG integration across 15+ investment teams, including pain points, and barriers to further improvement
  • Workshops with leaders of each asset class held to understand ambition levels and identify unifying vision statements
  • Leveraged Alpha’s market research to share tangible insights on what “good” looks like around the industry for each asset class, and how client expectations are evolving
  • Collaborated with each investment team to develop tailored and actionable plans to improve the levels of ESG integration to their desired ambition levels
  • Identified and clearly articulated the data & technology needed to support the investment teams to deliver their enhanced processes
  • Established an Investment Forum for sharing best practice insights for embedding ESG across asset class teams

Client Benefits

  • Agreed vision for embedding ESG across investments with unifying principles and high levels of buy-in
  • Investment process enhancement plan for every asset class team
  • Clear and practical industry insights into best practice and targets for improvement

About the Author

Vanessa Bingle ESG
Vanessa Bingle
Senior Manager, ESG SME

Vanessa heads Alpha's ESG & Responsible Investing proposition. Since joining Alpha in 2018, Vanessa has led a variety of investment-focused projects with asset managers and asset owners, including helping to design and embed an organisation's ESG vision across investment- and client-facing activities, post-merger integration of investment teams, and designing investment research collaboration approaches. Before joining Alpha Vanessa worked for six years as an Investment Consultant.