Wealth Management: The Challenges of MiFID II Costs & Charges


MiFID II Costs & Charges

The MiFID II Costs and Charges ex-post disclosure, although seemingly straight forward, is a complex report with opportunity to misinterpret the regulations and fail to capture the nuances within its design and implementation. Any issues will be magnified due to your client’s exposure to alternative reports from industry peers and, given it is an entirely new report to your clients, will require careful positioning and explanation.

However, for those firms that get it right, there is an opportunity to highlight competitive advantages, engage with your clients to discuss their other providers and possibilities for increased wallet share with new or further investment opportunities.

How Alpha can help

Alpha has supported multiple firms through their MiFID II journeys. Our experience has spanned; initial impact and gap assessments, benchmarking against peers, progress health checks, full implementation projects and post-implementation reviews. Given the imminent requirement for creating these reports and the arrival of a new version of the European MiFID II Template, there is limited time to review solutions ahead of distribution to clients.

Using our tried and tested approach, Alpha can provide a health check of costs and charges disclosure project to quickly identify; requirements gaps, definition, design and implementation recommendations, any training and client communication gaps and which control measures could be utilised. We will also review the delivery structure for the project.

Why Alpha?

Alpha are solely focussed in supporting the Wealth and Asset Management industry. With a dedicated Compliance team, we have an unrivalled group of subject matter experts who can support and enhance your programme with current, relevant and detailed industry knowledge and best-practice.

Alpha works with 85 of the top 100 global asset managers and many of the premium names in the wealth management industry. With a truly global footprint we are able to offer a coordinated, detailed and bespoke experience whilst our proprietary methodologies and project accelerators deliver project outcomes accurately and in a timely manner.