FinTech & Innovation

FinTech & Innovation

How can your business keep up amidst the scope and speed of change? How can your business benefit from emerging technology trends and the latest offerings from fintechs? We help our clients to meet their strategic objectives by embracing the future.

How we work with clients

When utilised effectively, fintech and emerging technology can provide a solution to many of the challenges facing the industry. Amidst increasing regulatory pressure, risk of disruption from tech firms and the growth in scale and complexity of data, embedding a culture of innovation and identifying the optimal fintech solution can create a marked opportunity for asset & wealth managers, asset owners and asset servicers to differentiate their client offering.

We help you navigate the market landscape and define how the available solutions can be best applied to your business:
  • Embedding innovation culture. We can help you change your business so that innovation can grow from within
  • Benefitting from fintechs. We have an unrivalled understanding of the fintech firms in the industry
  • Harnessing emerging technology. We understand the right use-cases for artificial intelligence, blockchain and automation via APIs, robotics and low-code within our industry
  • Utilising data effectively. We know how to optimise your data model and to help you benefit from sophisticated data science techniques
  • Delivering the optimal solution. We understand that getting it right for your business can be complex, but the potential rewards are substantial
We have global expertise in helping our clients to add business value and deliver innovative change across the spectrum of fintech solutions.
Alpha FMC - Why Alpha

Why Alpha?

We are the market-leading specialists in asset and wealth management consulting and as such, have unrivalled understanding of the fintech firms targeting our industry. We have practical experience implementing emerging technologies and fully understand innovation culture and the momentum required to help change mindsets.

We are passionate about supporting our clients to develop a clear fintech strategy to stay ahead of the curve in an accelerating industry. We are at the forefront of understanding advancements in fintech and how these can be best tailored to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Q&A with Olivia Vinden, Head of FinTech & Innovation

How can my business change its culture to be more innovative?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, as they say. There needs to be a strong direction from the top, and then buy-in from the bottom up. You need to change incentives, be they remuneration, recognition or personal satisfaction, and you need to change working styles, be they office environments, software tools or team shapes.

Are fintechs my friend or my foe?

They can be both – there are some fintechs that are looking to disrupt traditional businesses, especially in the D2C space, but for the most part we think they represent an opportunity. By working with fintechs you can access in-demand tech skills, learn from them, invest in them and use them to solve your most complex problems.

Where can I have the biggest impact?

Data remains the biggest challenge for our clients and the greatest opportunity. Start with foundational best-practice around data masters, data governance and your data ecosystem. Focus on standards and APIs and build towards sophisticated data science.

Is artificial intelligence going to replace fund managers?

There’s no simple answer - it depends on asset class, strategy and portfolio type, but we are already seeing artificial intelligence being used to augment investment teams – be it new forms of research, support for execution, or risk management it’s clear that this space is going to continue to develop.

How can my business benefit from automation?

Automation can come in many forms, our clients see great benefits from connecting applications using APIs to remove manual re-keying. We have also had great success building bespoke applications in low-code software where there’s no vendor product. Robotics are useful for bulk processing, especially in operations or finance, and workflow can enforce processes and reduce reliance on email.

FinTech & Innovation