Meeting the increasingly high expectations of investors is crucial to successful asset and wealth management. Our distribution experts help you win and retain customers by creating an end-to-end investor eco-system that puts them at the centre of everything you do.

How we work with clients

We’ll help you use data more effectively to deliver a personalised service that puts your customers' best interests first.

We will:
  • Create an enterprise view of your clients and end-to-end investor eco-system
  • Align client services processes in a global model
  • Align your servicing model with defined tiering model
  • Deliver a consistent omnichannel experience
  • Define core processes for sales teams to drive efficiency
  • Ensure best-in-class distribution technology
  • Optimise marketing tools ecosystem interoperability and data centralisation and exploitability
Alpha FMC - Why Alpha

Why Alpha?

We specialise in your sector. We know investment management distribution inside out.

We’ll keep you ahead of market trends with our understanding of the industry’s best practices and our proprietary Domain Model and Accelerators.

Our specialist approach means we can rapidly map the business processes around your technology architecture using our proven templates and methodologies.

Q&A with Neil Curham, Head of Distribution

Why the focus on client service?

The market has shifted from a seller-led environment to one where buyers call the shots. The clients we work with recognise the need to develop a multi-channel, collaborative and content specific model that engages new customers and retain loyalty.

What’s the key to improving their experience?

Data. Client data underpins sales and marketing effectiveness. We want to shift the mind set and get clients to think of data as a strategic asset. By providing accurate data across systems, reports and client delivery channels, we help them enrich the information gained from tiering to personalise their customers’ journeys.

Where does digital fit in all this?

Clients demand complete transparency. If data gives us better insight into behaviours and touchpoints, new digital platforms allow us to layer communications to create a tailored experience. We can help you produce and disseminate targeted content to clients and investors at the right time and through the right channel using the defined personas and tiers to lead each marketing client journey.

Doesn’t this create more work?

A more efficient distribution function will optimise your workflow. We help clients with process automation, streamlining processes to drive efficient working practices throughout an organisation.