Pensions and Retail Investments

The Pensions and Retail Investments industry plays a fundamental role in society and continues to face unprecedented economic, regulatory and technological challenges. The Pensions and Retail Investments industry in the UK has been on a journey which renders it almost unrecognisable from previous “analogue generations”. Firms in this industry must look for innovative ways to engage customers, create value and optimise outcomes in a disrupted market. Transforming effectively is key to achieving the right outcomes for providers and their clients. Our experience across the value chain enables us to help our clients to resolve these issues and position their businesses for future success.

How we work with clients

We provide experienced teams to co-create and deliver a range of services to support firms operating in the Pensions and Retail Investments industry in optimising their business for future success.

Our experience allows us to support with:
  • Market participation strategy: Helping you to define where to play, how to win, and how you can differentiate in the market
  • Target operating model design: Supporting you to design an operating model to effectively deliver your strategy and customer offering
  • Enterprise transformation: Leveraging our market leading skills in the end to end transformation journey including technology and operating model implementation and transformation
  • Technology enabled transformation: Helping our clients with end to end IT and Technology advisory including defining strategy, developing transformation roadmaps, solution design, conducting market scans and selection processes, transformation delivery and assurance reviews
  • Distribution transformation: Deep-dive assessments of distribution effectiveness, operating model and alignment to corporate value creation
  • Cost optimisation and outsourcing: Bringing our extensive experience and industry-leading benchmarks to ensure that the costs of your organisation are allowing you to compete and win
  • Bringing digital into the organisation: Not everyone is convinced by digital. We help make the case and define a strategy which aligns to the broader business strategy
  • Redesigning the client experience: By defining personas, processes and journeys, we help businesses deliver a full omni-channel experience
  • Regulation: Helping you manage regulatory change from impact assessment to implementation
  • Pre-deal services: Conducting market scans and due diligence, operating cost synergy cases, as well as divestiture support, enabling you to make the best decisions for your future business
  • Post-deal services: Helping you to mobilise, define and implement a new, integrated business model post-merger
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Why Alpha?

We understand your business and the industry, with deep experience from working within the industry and consulting to clients across the market. We have led many of the most significant change programmes in the industry in recent years and bring that expertise, lessons learnt and hindsight to our clients. Our specialism ensures that we will bring experienced consultants with deep pension and retail investment experience that understand your challenges and opportunities, to work alongside your teams and deliver rapid results.

Q&A with Dan Mahony, Head of Pensions & Retail Investments UK

What is driving change in Pension and Retail Investments industry?

The Pensions and Retail Investments industry has faced challenging market conditions over the years and will continue to do so in line with the wider macro-environment. The pressure of digitalisation, increasing customer expectations and the focus on customer outcomes requires firms to continually adapt their offerings. An aging population coupled with an increase in household wealth has created a significant advice gap and opportunity which requires firms to capitalise on the use of technology. The pace of wider technological change is forcing organisations to increase their pace of change to remain both relevant and compliant. Those who don’t anticipate further change risk falling behind.

What must firms do to adapt in the next 3-5 years?

The customer must be at the heart of all activity to protect customer outcomes and ensure that customer experience is optimised. A clearly defined operating model must be embedded to deliver a firm’s strategy and maximise on operational and cost efficiencies. Remaining at the forefront of technology will be crucial to maximise customer engagement, increase productivity and improve profitability. However, the rise of digital brings additional risk to customer outcomes and firms must always ensure the fair treatment of customers. It is key that firms continually assess the opportunities and risks that the increase of digital brings.

How can Alpha help our clients to meet these challenges?

Alpha have built a reputation for creating a truly differentiated client experience with market specialism and delivery excellence at the core of the business. We have extensive knowledge of completing transformational engagement for our clients.

We provide a unique mix of industry practitioners and experienced consultants to understand the importance of client experience, the complexities that these challenges bring and are uniquely placed to help you meet your strategic objectives.