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Asset Managers

Asset Managers are facing significant macro developments: evolving regulatory landscapes, significant AUM growth, the rise of passives, fee and margin pressure, the changing role of technology and changing client service expectations. Our experience across every aspect of the Asset Management value chain helps our clients to identify the best strategy, select the best partners and ensure implementation success.

How we work with clients

We work with Asset Managers of all sizes, from boutiques to global tier 1 firms. We have expertise across institutional, wholesale and retail client segments, as well as active and passive investment styles. We provide services across all functions of an Asset Management firm.

Our support includes:
  • Target Operating Model: Designing and implementing enterprise operating models
  • Technology: Selecting and implementing leading tools across all functions
  • CX: Enhancing client experience with client service or client onboarding design
  • Automation: Automating manual processes with innovative technology solutions
  • Service Providers: Selecting and migrating to new middle and back office operations service providers
  • Regulatory Compliance: Providing compliance, regulation and risk advice and support
Alpha FMC - Why Alpha

Why Alpha?

We have run and delivered complex projects across all asset manager types and all of the top 20 asset managers globally. Simply put,
no other consultancy can match our expertise and know-how in this space.

Our clients are offered unique insights on leading technology solutions and outsource providers to enhance their operating model and increase efficiencies.

Our insights are also grounded in deep implementation experience. We are able to readily turn advice into practical actions.

Q&A with Beth Scaysbrook, Director

What are the most transformational projects that Asset Managers are currently undertaking?

Many of Alpha’s clients are planning or are currently implementing a new enterprise-wide operating model. Rather than selecting a tool for a single function in isolation, Asset Managers are looking to maximise the benefits of a wider coherent operating model. There have been significant changes in the technology vendor and Asset Servicer provisions in this regard. Asset Managers can significantly improve their models in this way – increasing efficiency, increasing agility and improving client outcomes.

What will the Asset Manager of the future look like?

There are significant headwinds facing Asset Managers; not least fee and margin pressure, the changing role of technology and changing client service expectations. Our prediction is that client-centricity will be of vital importance - meaning significant investment in distribution and product innovation. We also expect transformation of data operating models where Asset Managers significantly improve their ability to gain insights from internal and external data.

How are firms becoming more ‘client centric’?

We define client experience (CX) as the outcome of interactions a firm has with their clients, including marketing, onboarding and servicing. Ultimately this results in the clients’ perception of the firm – it’s about both hearts and minds. We are seeing firms significantly invest in their end to end CX, starting by defining their key client groups (personas) and their client journeys to understand the current and desired future experiences. Leading Asset Managers are using CX as a strategic differentiator and a retention lever.

How are firms responding to fee and margin pressure?

We have seen a number of possible avenues for firms depending on their strategic objectives. Increasing AUM via acquisition of complementary businesses can be a successful strategy to increase revenue whilst gaining synergies. We have also seen a greater focus on costs and consolidation of operating models and Asset Servicers. Similarly, a focus on the profitability of particular strategies and consolidation of fund ranges. Finally, improving client experience can also create ‘sticky’ relationships that keeps clients loyal.

Alpha FMC - Asset Managers