TCFD Product- & Entity-Level Benchmarking: June 2023 Reporting

Vanessa Bingle FIA, Anna Skylakaki CFA, Marina Ioannou, Carole Boissat

The FCA has formalised the requirement for in-scope Asset Managers to enhance their climate-related disclosure, by providing TCFD-aligned reporting at both entity-level and product-level. After the first wave of disclosures made in June 2023 by larger Asset Managers, we set out to understand how in-scope firms had tackled them.

This report details our findings, across five key analysis dimensions: readability, narrative, metrics, methodology and location. We hope this report will be serve as a useful guide for any firms disclosing for the first time in 2024, as well as those who have already reported and are considering enhancements for next year by:

  • Sharing key information about what peers in the market are doing; and
  • Posing questions to help each organisation make the key decisions which are best aligned to its client base and organisational ambition

Read the Whitepaper below to learn more:

About the Authors

Vanessa Bingle ESG
Vanessa Bingle FIA
Director and ESG & RI Practice co-lead

Vanessa is a Director with Alpha with more than 10 years of investment industry experience. She led the development and launch of Alpha's ESG & Responsible Investment practiceand led multiple engagements supporting asset managers and asset owners to define and deliver their ESG & RI ambitions (inc. ESG regulatory compliance) across the investment process, client-facing activities, as well as supporting their data, technology, and operational setup. Prior to joining Alpha, Vanessa worked as an Investment Consultant at Willis Towers Watson.

Anna Skylakaki
Anna Skylakaki CFA
Associate Director

Anna is an Associate Director in Alpha’s ESG and Responsible Investment practice, with over 9 years’ experience consulting for Financial Services firms, specialising in large transformational change, including cultural change and programme delivery. Most recently Anna has been leading the TCFD programme of a large asset manager, with her ESG & RI experience spanning strategy, regulation and client reporting.

Marina Ioannou

Marina Ioannou is a Manager at Alpha with experience across ESG and Responsible Investing, change management and regulatory compliance. She has been involved in multiple ESG engagements which have involved supporting clients with the design of a TCFD report, the design of an ESG strategy and implementation roadmap, undertaking a gap analysis against ESG regulations and implementing a group-wide climate risk programme.

Carole Boissat

Carole is a Manager within Alpha’s ESG & Responsible Investment practice with over 9 years of experience. She has substantial experience in regulatory change, including the interpretation of requirements, analysis of gaps vs. current state as well as leading the implementation phase. Her wider experience includes, risk management, big data and business transformation.