SFDR: What does it mean for Distribution teams?

Troy Mortimer, Anna Skylakaki

The Distribution function within an Asset Manager is one of the most impacted by the Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR).

Distribution leads should be using the regulation as an opportunity for enhanced client engagement around ESG, to better understand your clients’ preferences and develop a market-leading proposition that goes beyond just regulatory compliance.

In this short video, Troy Mortimer, Director in our ESG & Responsible Investment Practice, and Anna Skylakaki, Senior Manager and ESG Practice Lead, explain how you can make the most of this opportunity.


There are three things you can do to set yourself apart:

  1. Understand your clients’ wants and needs in relation to investment objectives, ESG principles and reporting requirements (internal and external e.g. SFDR, DWP)
  2. Explore the opportunity for product re-classifications according to Articles 8 or 9, cross-selling and enhancements to existing products
  3. Expand your reporting capabilities to meet the requirements for those products, and look for opportunities to go beyond the regulation and tailor your reporting efforts to your clients


What does that mean in practice?

  1. Your clients are on their own ESG journey, and you should be helping them along that journey through proactive engagement
  2. You need input and representation from across the organisation, from Distribution, Investments, Operations and Risk among others
  3. Expectations from clients and regulators are evolving; to best respond to the changing landscape, you will need robust, flexible data and technology foundations

To find out more about the ESG regulatory landscape and how this may impact your business, please contact Troy Mortimer for more information.

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About the Authors

Troy Mortimer

Troy is a Director at Alpha in ESG and Responsible Investment practice with over 20 years experience. Prior to joining Alpha, Troy led the KPMG UK Sustainability and Responsible Investment practice. Troy has worked across all aspects of the asset management and wealth management industries covering both traditional and alternative asset classes including PE, RE and infrastructure assets. He specializes in supporting asset managers and asset owners develop and integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices across all aspects of their operating model and adhere to local and international sustainable finance regulation/frameworks.

Anna Skylakaki
Anna Skylakaki
Senior Manager

Anna is a Senior Manager in Alpha's ESG & Responsible Investment practice with over six years’ experience consulting for Financial Services firms. She has helped clients deliver large scale transformations, including cultural, technology and operating model change. Prior to joining Alpha, Anna worked as a Big 4 consultant and as a founding member of a technology start up.