Client Service: The Seven Hallmarks of Leaders

Mike Smith, Divakar Padmanathan, Emma Haffenden

In 2020, Alpha launched a Client Service Benchmark, establishing the first comprehensive set of multi-channel KPIs in the industry. An excellent peer group of 30 firms globally representing £7 trillion AUM took part.

Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures, our study was able to spot the leaders amongst the pack and to identify the capabilities that make them successful. Without exception, these top quartile firms are reaping the benefits of investing in Client Service transformation.

They continue to do so in the knowledge that further Client Service productivity gains are not just possible, but an essential contribution to help their firm remain competitive and evidence that all clients receive a fair and consistent service.

In the graphic below, we outline the 7 hallmarks of leading client service firms that set them apart from the rest of the industry:

To learn more about how you can improve your firm’s Client Service, or to discuss the benchmark, please reach out to our team.

About the Authors

Mike Smith 2021
Mike Smith
Executive Director, Global Head of Distribution

Mike is an Executive Director at Alpha and Global Head of Distribution for Asset & Wealth Management Consulting. Since joining Alpha in 2006, Mike has undertaken a wide range of asset management projects including global operating model definitions, 1st & 2nd generation outsourcing deals and product development benchmarking. Since 2010, Mike has specialised within our Distribution practice and provided subject matter expertise on a wide range of CRM, digital marketing and web initiatives as well as chairing Alpha’s industry leading investment management distribution Forum.

Divakar Padmanathan
Divakar Padmanathan
Senior Manager

Divakar Padmanathan is a Senior Manager in Alpha’s Distribution practice, and has experience advising wealth and asset Managers on Sales and Client Service strategy. Divakar has also led a number of implementations of client management technologies, such as CRM, portals, websites and marketing automation tools for a variety of firms across the industry.

Emma Haffenden
Senior Manager

Emma has 15 years experience delivering business and technology strategy consulting services to C-level Executives of the leading global asset and wealth management firms. She specialises in research, analysis, benchmarking and competitive intelligence. Emma is responsible for a number of peer benchmarks at Alpha, including the Global Client Service Benchmark which covers the client service operating model, capabilities and service quality KPIs.