Alpha’s Research & Insights Offering


Alpha’s differentiated approach combines our industry knowledge with benchmarking expertise to provide asset and wealth managers with data-driven business intelligence

Alpha Benchmarking & Research is fully integrated within the consulting business which is dedicated to advising Asset & Wealth Managers in support of Strategy/Advisory, Selection & Evaluation and Execution. This allows Alpha to provide industry specific and up to date insight and recommendations, based on unique blend of proprietary data and experience from subject matter experts.



Alpha’s Industry Benchmarking


Alpha is organized into 14 practice areas which cover the entire asset manager value chain, including our global benchmarking practice which has been at the heart of Alpha’s proposition for 15 years. Our deep consulting knowledge and subject matter experts are increasingly complemented by proprietary data insights and research during client assignments.

Similarly, our Benchmarking & Research team are specialists within the industry and develop robust, relevant methodologies to produce statistics and facts which can be relied on to support key decisions. A summary of our Benchmarks is below:







Research Surveys & Thought Leadership

Beyond our Benchmarks, Alpha has additional rich sources of data and insight gained through our popular research surveys, and we regularly produce thought leadership based on the themes uncovered through our lighter touch surveys. We also run specific one-off research initiatives and peer analysis based on client demand for insight into a particular area of focus or hot topic:

Please  with our Research & Benchmarking SMEs if you would like to find out more about any of the studies above, to take part in our benchmarks or would like answers on a particular hot topic you are facing.