The Alpha Outlook 2021

Alpha FMC

2020 has been a year of major and unpredictable change, including a global pandemic, a polarising US presidential election, ongoing uncertainty regarding Brexit negotiations and major demonstrations against racism around the world. These have resulted in unprecedented upheaval to our way of life and our industry.

The Alpha Outlook, written by a selection of Alpha’s experts from our offices across the globe, brings these big questions and presents our viewpoints on topics that we think will affect the industry in 2021. This year, we have organised these articles around three principal themes: Investments as a Force for Good in the World, Data and the New Decision-Making Landscape, and finally, COVID-19 and Digitisation. Each article explores the challenges that firms may face, the new opportunities these themes present, and Alpha’s industry-specialist view on how to navigate these changes successfully.

We have no doubt the coming year will be a busy one for Alpha and our clients. We hope you enjoy reading our 2021 Outlook and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you through the year.

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