Remote Working – Example Best Practices

Matt Jeffery

Alpha recently published an article discussing the ‘new normal’ for organisations brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic and called out four key areas of challenge. In recent weeks, Alpha has been working with clients and has gained a unique view of the most effective practices that allow businesses to continue and develop in these unprecedented times.

Example best practices to address key challenges

Within the four key areas of challenge – wellbeing, productivity, technology, and community – a number of best practices have been observed, all aimed at maintaining and, in some ways, enhancing a successful working environment. The diagram below details some of our most effective findings; productivity peaks, enhanced collaboration, new ways of connecting, and developing greater community.

Business benefits

As businesses transition to the ‘new normal’, interesting benefits of the change in working behaviour have emerged, including time/cost efficiency, greater flexibility, more effective collaboration, and a retained (and thriving) sense of community.

Looking to the future

As we see our clients’ operating models continue to evolve to support productivity and collaboration, Alpha anticipates a more permanent transition to embracing virtual working and its benefits.  We believe some of the lessons learned so far hold the key to delivering optimisation across business operating models globally, not only in these uncertain times, but also in the future.


Alpha is here to support its clients as much as possible and will continue to distribute our views on the most effective practices from across the industry.  If you have any examples of good practice to share or would like further information on remote working and collaboration, please do contact us.

About the Author

Matt Jeffery

Matt is a Manager at Alpha with over seven years' experience in the investment industry, having trained as a Financial Adviser before moving into consulting. His background gives him a unique position to help companies improve client and business outcomes. He has helped a variety of major Wealth and Asset Managers navigate operating model design work, vendor selection, M&A, and client/product strategy.