Collaboration in Isolation

COVID-19: Collaboration in Isolation

Alice Fyfe

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed the rapid development of the COVID-19 crisis across the world. Governments, education bodies, businesses and families the world-over are all contending with unprecedented social distancing and virtual interaction, while the health industry are fighting on the front lines to curb the crisis.

At Alpha, we are working harder than ever to ensure that our team are safe and healthy, while focusing internally on new initiatives to maintain productivity and delivery excellence for our clients at this difficult time.

We are in a unique position to have experienced a myriad of COVID-19 responses across our global Asset & Wealth Management client base; we have been so impressed by an overwhelming sense of community, ingenuity and flexibility in each approach.

Coronavirus: The New Normal

Through the day-to-day shuffle towards a “New Normal”, we see four themes emerging; themes on which to build process and protocol at this uncertain time; themes on which to reflect back at the end of the crisis to increase our resilience and collaboration in the future.


These are: Wellbeing, Technology, Productivity & Community. Each of these is instrumental in maintaining a healthy and effective virtual workplace.

Covid19: New Normal
Remote Working, the "New Normal": The four themes key to perpetuating successful virtual collaboration

Remote Working Lessons Learned

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our lessons learned on remote collaboration, on pleasant surprises and unexpected habits which, if adopted en masse, could be the key to optimising Global collaboration without the need for excessive travel and lengthy meetings.

Alpha is here to support its clients as much as possible at this time, by sharing our observations and success stories and translating them into solutions that fit your teams and objectives. If you have any examples of good practice that you are happy to share, or have any queries on remote processes and collaboration tools, please do contact us.

About the Author

Alice Fyfe
Alice Fyfe
Senior Manager

Alice is a Senior Manager at Alpha with over seven years' experience in consulting to the Asset & Wealth Management industry in the UK and Asia. She has particular experience with global operating models and collaboration tools and processes. She is part of the team refining Alpha's remote working practices to optimise collaboration during the health crisis.