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Client Experience and Digital Operating Model

Tara Al-Azawie

Client Experience and Digital Operating Model


CEO, COO, Head of Technology


Distribution including Marketing, Brand & Comms, Sales, Management

Client type

Asset Management

Client Challenges

  • A major global asset manager wanted to redesign their strategic governance and core Digital, Sales, Marketing & Client Services processes with the aim of improving the overall client experience, focusing sales & improving internal efficiencies
  • In order to achieve this, they launched a global transformation programme to define a set of global processes, capabilities, underpinning technologies and data sets to support a leading client experience across the full lifecycle

Alpha Approach

  • We created a framework and core processes for highly-effective, industry-leading Marketing, Sales and Client Services practices united by a consistent Client Experience and linked to the client’s Market Strategy & Client Tiers
  • We defined and implemented a Digital and Marketing operating model that enabled our client to be recognised as a leading Digital and Marketing organisation that delivers targeted value to their clients and prospects, whilst also executing on the brand promise
  • We worked with Sales, Marketing, Digital and Client servicing teams to define the client experience strategy, including personas, journeys and the roadmap to deliver on the strategy

Client Benefits

  • Enables our client to truly understand their different clients and the target experiences for each client type
  • This asset manager aims to provide the best client experience and have the internal capabilities to do this; the operating model has enabled them to set-up a new Client Experience team and recruit into priority areas

About the Author

Tara Al-Azawie
Senior Manager - Digital

As a digital transformation expert Tara has a strong track record of delivering complex projects and programmes. She has led a number of digital projects that have created seamless client experiences. Tara is an experienced user of contemporary delivery methodologies and frameworks, including Agile, Service Design and User Centred Design. She has a deep understanding of market trends, enabling technologies and how to apply these to accelerate change. Tara has also worked with organisations to overcome common digital transformation challenges, such as organisational culture and operational capabilities.