Sales Effectiveness


Technology and data are changing the Distribution organisation, giving Asset Managers valuable business awareness and client insight that is influencing Sales & Marketing activity and attributing to real growth in AUM.


  • Asset Managers are now focusing on distribution enabled by technology as digital platforms are cheaper and more efficient than manual resource-intensive solutions
  • Organisations are utilising data available from CRM and other distribution systems to track, monitor and optimise the behaviours of their Sales, Client Service and Marketing Teams
  • New sources of external client data are also growing exponentially; pioneering Asset Managers are using data analytics to improve the ways in which they connect to new clients and better service existing clients

Why is it important for our clients?

  • Asset Managers must be able to connect, interpret and use the data available to increase the efficiency of distribution activity and maintain and grow assets in a more complex environment of influencers and outsourcers
  • Through a better understanding of data, Asset Managers can develop a complete view of their clients and the associated flows, product preferences and client-at-risk metrics which enables effective and targeted distribution activity such as advanced segmentation based on AUM, flows or engagement
  • Putting data at the heart of distribution processes is key to enabling a high-performance sales culture, where all teams are equipped with the right information and tools to enable individuals to hold themselves accountable to their own behaviour
  • Asset Managers need to deliver value from heavy resource and capital investment in CRM and wider distribution systems and operationalise the insights that these systems can deliver to help them remain at the industry forefront in distribution

Key challenges for Investment Managers

Alpha is helping Investment Managers to connect, understand and interpret their data and optimise their Distribution organisation and address key challenges, including:

  • Equipping Sales, Marketing and Client Service Teams with the right tools, data and insights to drive efficiency
  • Definition of an organisational model that best supports the business, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles and the focus is on the most optimal Distribution channels in a continuously evolving market place
  • Connecting Distribution teams though integrated data driven business processes
  • Ensuring that the best opportunities in each area are being targeted and Sales Teams are developing a prioritised set of accounts that are the key drivers of AUM
  • Improving reporting and analytics capabilities to help realise the true insight and value from data and establishing a set of optimal Distribution KPI’s
  • Leveraging insights on client’s product preferences and buying habits to drive product strategy and diversification
  • Ensuring that all marketing content produced is targeted and relevant and that ROI on marketing and events is tracked
  • Maximising the success of RFI, Proposal and Pitch activities
  • Giving visibility of Distribution activity to other stakeholder groups across the organisation such as the Portfolio Management and Client Onboarding Teams

How can Alpha help?

  • Problem Definition & Journey Mapping: Documentation of current state processes, pain points and client journeys
  • Strategic Distribution Review: Analysis of data sources available to understand team behaviours and test defined hypotheses to measure current effectiveness
  • Future State Operating Model Definition: Review and optimisation of distribution processes throughout the annual cycle and definition of a future state operating model to achieve value capture through the data available
  • Dashboards and Reports: Creation of tailored Sales, Client Service and Marketing Team dashboards to help ensure that teams can interpret the data and utilise it throughout the sales cycle to continuously track, measure and refine ways of working
  • Planning Tools & Sales Aids: Development of bespoke planning tools, to help teams translate data into valuable insights and drive efficient targeted distribution activity