My First Three Months on the FMC Graduate Scheme


Having joined Alpha just over three months ago as a new FMC graduate, I already feel like a fully integrated member of this diverse and ambitious team. In this brief time, I have worked at two top 15 asset managers, experienced our IPO, attended numerous socials and got to know everyone from the other new analysts to senior directors –  it has truly been several months to remember!

Week 1 – An Introduction to Alpha and Asset Management

Although it was technically my first week at Alpha, by the Friday I already felt like a fully-fledged member of the team. This was because I had met my Alpha buddy and mentor, who both act as fantastic resources and support you through your time at Alpha. In addition, I had also met a large proportion of the team at various meetings, training sessions and socials. The week was full of interesting talks from different parts of the business which gave us all a solid base of asset management, consulting and Alpha knowledge but also allowed us to meet our new colleagues – each morning we had breakfast with different employees so by the end of the week we felt like we’d met everyone. These were complimented by group lunches, evenings on our terrace and finally brought to a close with a company-wide social in case we didn’t feel welcome enough already.

Week 2/3 – Becoming IMC Qualified

During our second week, we began working towards becoming IMC qualified – a useful qualification that introduces financial services so we are fully prepared for our first project. After completing the IMC we then had the opportunity to gain another great qualification, PRINCE2 Agile, which provides a grounding in all aspects of project management, as well as the specific Agile methodology. Both these qualifications allowed us to finish our official training with confidence and excitement to begin our first ever projects!

Week 4 – Early Responsibility

As I quickly found out, giving early responsibility to new graduates is a big priority at Alpha. By the end of my first month I had already begun my first project at a client and immediately began contributing to the project and engaging with the client teams. In addition, I was mentored throughout the process by senior Alpha staff with whom I worked closely to complete client tasks. Early responsibility doesn’t just stop with client work – having shown an early interest in recruitment, I had already begun helping with the upcoming graduate assessment centres in addition to my other commitments. At Alpha, if you want to learn and develop, there are no aspects of the company you can’t engage with.

Month 2 & 3 – My Second Project

After completing my first project and receiving specific feedback from my team lead, I found myself moving onto my next project within three days! For the next several months I made my home at a leading asset manager, as part of a team coordinating a global technology implementation. Joining an entirely different project, in regard to the team, the offering and my role, highlighted to me the variety of work available at Alpha and reinforced all the reasons why I wanted to become a consultant.


To summarise, I finished my first three months at Alpha with two qualifications, experience at two global asset managers and many new colleagues who are all equally excited to be part of this rapidly expanding, young and social company. Like all the other graduates, I really feel that Alpha is the best place to begin my career and I’m excited for what 2018 and beyond brings!

George Liebscher, 2017 Graduate Intake

I really feel that Alpha is the best place to begin my career and I’m excited for what 2018 and beyond brings!

George Liebscher, Analyst