CRM – Alpha’s industry observations

“I’m amazed by the speed with which CRM has been overtaken.  I need it to catch up quickly and start to help my business to focus its effort again” – Global Head of Distribution, Top 10 Global Asset Manager
  • Basic functionality combined with simple configurability resulted in solutions that were initially considered fit for purpose in the industry
  • Specific, high profile products leveraged the best of the web to create a better-looking, easier-to-use CRM application compared with previous tools
  • The industry successfully adopted CRM for a number of years but more recently has seen dissatisfaction from business users
    • Greater expectations for user experience; use of the web and mobile devices are proliferating and the expectation is that CRM will be similarly available and easy to use
    • As integration has become simpler, CRM applications have become bloated with data, while simultaneously providing limited insight or proactive suggestions

Why is it important for our clients?

  • Early adopters of CRM are seeing a major drop off in adoption and/or are struggling to mobilise for the next generation. CRM investment has not driven ongoing returns and usability and relevance has fallen behind other platforms
  • The ability to draw together disparate data and client views to better understand client and prospect needs is the new differentiator, reflecting the fact that clients and prospects have increasingly higher demand for service and expectation of knowledge
  • Investment managers seek to ensure their  sales, marketing and relationship teams can identify and focus on to the next most important activity – with CRM providing tangible support and calls to action
  • The ability to move to future state with low disruption whilst re-engaging the business and proving wins quickly and regularly are typical priorities for our clients

Key challenges for investment managers

We commonly hear our clients outline the following issues and challenges that CRM poses:

  • How do I leverage data and technology to enable the business? CRM is simply a black box that gives nothing.
  • My operational data is not aligned with how my sales and marketing teams see the world – how do I bring these worlds together?
  • Our architecture is complex and we have duplication of systems and data – where do I start?
  • How do I cover the expanding market place with decreasing resources and growing client demand?
  • How do we better leverage technology and data to drive improved business processes, behaviour and alignment globally?
How can Alpha help?

Alpha has worked with more than 40 investment managers to assign, design and implement industry-leading CRM solutions and wider distribution architectures.

We have developed a proprietary methodology and suite of capabilities which reflects CRM best practice in the context of Asset & Wealth Management:

  • Current State Gap analysis – what are the current gaps from a functional, operational, technical or organisational perspective vs best practice and industry peers?
  • Roadmap – what needs to be done to close these gaps and how /where do we get started?
  • Business Effectiveness – how should we be working, where should we align and what are the key metrics to focus on?
  • (Re)Implementation – how do we ensure successful (re)delivery of CRM and outcomes quickly whilst reducing risk?
  • Ongoing Support – how do I ensure continuous improvement and alignment with best practice?

“Our clients are realizing that they need to refocus the purpose of and reinvigorate CRM. This requires consideration of business processes, technology and data. The prize is high in an increasingly competitive marketplace where an ability to understand client needs swiftly and proactively engage is paramount”


Mike Smith, Head of CRM & Distribution Technology Practice