Operations & Outsourcing

Operations & Outsourcing

The pressure to increase efficiency and reduce costs is unending. Fortunately, new technologies and outsourcing deals make it possible for clients to stay competitive - if they get it right. Let our team optimise your operational model and help you stay one step ahead.

How we work with clients

We work with top asset and wealth managers to develop operating models that make best use of their core data across functions such as Front Office, Distribution, Risk and Compliance.

Our support includes:
  • Working with clients to strategically optimise their operating models, including outsourcing relationships
  • Advising clients on how to react to the evolving vendor and supplier landscape
  • Selecting and implementing new core operational applications
  • Defining and implementing data strategies for the future
  • Advising on optimised operating models for regulatory reporting – and QA assessments of reports
Alpha FMC - Why Alpha

Why Alpha?

Over the years, we’ve built a uniquely qualified resource to help clients create a competitive and efficient operating model.

Our clients are offered market leading intelligence on data, operations and regulatory reporting and have an unrivalled knowledge of the vendor landscape.

We also understand the outsourcing landscape – from both a capability and cost perspective.

We implement major transformational projects, so our consultancy is firmly rooted in practical experience. Our advice is always actionable.

Q&A with Nick Fienberg, Head of Operations

How do clients stay ahead of developments in technology?

It’s tough to be on top of everything that’s happening. New systems, platforms, even vendors are constantly appearing. Because we work right across the sector we have practical experience of new developments and bring that knowledge into each new job. We’re not simply waiting for new tech to appear, we’re actively looking for products and services that will improve our clients’ operating models.

What’s the single most important factor in creating a successful operating model?

Making the best use of data. Everything we do is about leveraging core operational data to better suit Front Office, Distribution, Risk and Compliance users. And by defining and implementing data strategies for the future we can protect our clients’ long-term interests and keep them competitive.

Operations & Outsourcing