Front Office

Our experts help you navigate vendors and platforms to create a highly effective Front Office that keeps costs down and makes the most of your data. We implement our recommendations therefore you can be sure our advice is always practical.

How we work with clients

Our experience and insight help our clients solve Front Office platform architecture challenges. We help weigh up the merits of Enterprise, Best-of-Breed, and Hybrid solutions. From short due diligence projects to long-term global implementation programmes, we can help you manage every aspect of your Front Office.

Our support includes:
  • Making the most of data. We facilitate Enterprise Data Management, centralising external and internal data coverage.
  • Full project lifecycle cover. From due diligence, operating model design, contract negotiations through to implementation.
  • Implementing recommendations. We turn theory into practise. Our advice is always actionable.
  • Consulting services across the project. Including full coverage of the buy-side value chain.
  • Proprietary methodologies and templates. Help you meet Front Office requirements while considering wider business implications
  • Vendor Landscape insight. We advise on developments in external vendor solutions across the value chain.
Alpha FMC

Why Alpha?

We specialise in investment management. Our entire team focuses on this industry and is headed by senior Front Office specialists. All our staff have buy-side consulting experience.

We must be doing something right. Many of our clients have been with us since Alpha started in 2003. Many more have joined since.

We keep our clients one step ahead by being at the forefront of industry developments, new technologies and new entrants.

Q&A with Greg Faragher-Thomas, Co-Head of Front Office IT

What are the hot topics in Front Office IT?

We’re seeing a real trend towards centralised or outsourced dealing, regulatory implications such as Best Execution, and the enhancement of TCA.

We’re also seeing a lot of activity in alternative asset classes. Responding to the rise of illiquid, alternative asset classes, means opportunities for diversification and impacts to operating models.

With experience working on the largest change programmes in the industry, we understand the critical success factors and can pre-empt challenges.

Why all the fuss about data?

As a company we’re encouraging the development of data as an asset. It’s an extremely valuable commodity and a vital part of a successful Front Office operation. Data gives us better insight into behaviours and touchpoints, new digital platforms allow us to layer communications to create a tailored experience.

What are the greatest pitfalls in Front Office development?

Not knowing the vendor landscape. As a leading consultant in the industry, even we find the pace of change bewilderingly fast. You need to be on top of developments and the opportunities offered by new technologies and platforms.

Fortunately, we have an unrivalled understanding of the vendors in the Front Office space, including their capabilities and limitations, and can accelerate the evaluation, selection, and implementation of Front Office solutions.