Enterprise Transformation

The industry is changing rapidly and ceaselessly. Organisations need to keep pace and getting their next transformation right is always the biggest decision ahead of any executive team. Alpha FMC can help.

How we work with clients

We offer clients strategic thinking combined with deep specialists to arrive at answers that make strategic sense in the board room as well as being operationally deliverable across your organisation.

Our support includes:
  • Strategic Target Operating Model design: Working with C-suites to translate their strategic plans into an enterprise design spanning people, technology, suppliers and internal processes
  • Scalability and Cost reduction analysis: Working with CFOs across their fund range and investment desks, breaking down stranded costs and providing a true view of where cost sits and what reductions can be delivered
  • Independently reviewing and streamlining change portfolios: Ensuring clients’ finite change spend is aligned to their strategic priorities
  • Creating and setting up internal ‘Transformation Offices’: Supporting clients looking to efficiently and smoothly deliver multi-year initiatives that require their own management and control structures

Why Alpha?

We specialise in your sector and we have a deep understanding of the forces your business is facing. Over the years, we’ve led the design of some of the industry’s most significant transformations.

Q&A with Richard Lavelle, UK Lead, Enterprise Transformation Practice

What are the biggest changes you are seeing across the market?

One of the biggest changes is that we are seeing CFOs increasingly playing a more active role across two areas, fund profitability and change investment decisions. Firstly, they are sponsoring initiatives to ensure their teams have fit-for-purpose, reliable and transparent cost allocation data. With margin pressures only increasing, CFOs have realised the need to untangle stranded costs, and having data-led debates with Product & Distribution teams about the profitability of funds is more important than ever. Secondly, CFOs who showed admirable patience through recent market volatility with struggling change programmes, are starting to ensure that their organisation’s change portfolios are being managed efficiently and that spend is aligned to their corporate strategy. Tough decisions about change funding are becoming more common.

And the biggest challenge?

Organisations choosing and committing to a direction of travel with their operating model. The industry remains unconsolidated and with that there is a lot of heat and little light about the route the majority of players are trending towards. Amongst all the distractions, ensuring that an organisation is honest about the challenges they face, has a well-considered strategy to address and execute against it well, remains the biggest challenge. Not many in the industry are there but having that golden thread that runs throughout the organisation is a game-changer when it is done well.