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What does digital transformation mean to your business? How can it meaningfully change the way you operate? We help clients scope, plan and implement a joined-up digital strategy that has significant impact on every area of their business.

How we work with clients

Digital transformation means many things to many people. Getting it right for your business can be complex, but the rewards are great. We help asset and wealth managers across the world to define and execute successful digital transformation initiatives.

Our support includes:
  • Bringing digital into the organisation. Not everyone is convinced by digital. We help make the case and define a strategy which aligns to the broader business strategy.
  • Redesigning the client experience. By defining personas, processes and journeys, we help businesses deliver a full omnichannel experience.
  • Moving to a “digital by default” operating model. By implementing change across people, process and technology we help businesses be more client-focused, scalable and responsive.
  • Surfacing data through digital channels. We define and develop the way different audiences use data, improving lead management and insight generation, and creating better customer journeys.
  • Pursuing digital innovation. We set up ways to drive greater innovation, such as FinTech, within your firm and connect you to the right firms to provide specialist support.
Alpha FMC - Why Alpha

Why Alpha?

There are many digital transformation specialists, but none with our single-minded focus on your industry.

Our specific experience with similar clients and industry best practice means we’re able to mobilise quickly and deploy relevant elements within your business which can create a significant shift in the client experience.

We’ve supported client experience and operations model implementations for leading asset and wealth managers across the world on transformation initiatives such as client persona work, Target Operating Model and Sales Enablement.

Q&A with Kevin O'Shaughnessy, Head of Digital

Why has the move to digital taken so long?

Many businesses have invested heavily in what are now legacy systems. Obviously, they’d like to see a return before changing the way they operate.

So, while the digital landscape is exciting, there can be hesitation before committing to a transformation strategy. There are plenty of instances where businesses make the wrong choices and can’t see where the investment in digital has got them.

We therefore work closely with firms to make a convincing case for a digital transformation strategy.

What does it take to create a great client experience?

Creating a great client experience means combining people, process and technology effectively. We employ a client experience design approach to ensure that brand promises are delivered by a series of steps.

We define a set of client personas that give clients a clear view of the customer lifecycle. We design journeys which include opportunities to “delight” – we need to reward customers as they engage with the brand. We assess the “actors”, processes and technologies which support each stage of the journey.

What sort of changes do firms need to think about to fully embrace digital transformation?

First, a change of mindset that this isn’t a fad and will be good for the business. We’ll help them make the change by designing enterprise-wide agile programmes which make firms more responsive and efficient.

Our team will help firms define new economy skills that will be needed, such as service design, data science, or agile coaching.

We’ll define a digital architecture and technology stack which are scalable and support the desired client experience.

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