Alpha FMC Benchmarking


Insight is everything. If you can’t match your performance with the rest of the industry, you’ll stop being competitive. As the undisputed leader in benchmarking for asset and wealth managers, we can tell you exactly how various aspects of your business compare - and what you need to do to keep ahead.

How we work with clients

We work with leading asset and wealth managers around the world to give them insight into the qualitative and quantitative aspects of their business. Our recommendations are based on completely independent, metrics-driven analysis.

We provide services in two key areas:

Operating Model Benchmarking:

  • comparison of costs
  • headcount
  • service performance
  • middle and back office function capabilities

Outsourcing Relationship Benchmarking:

  • rate cards
  • KPIs
  • service performance
  • outsourcing
Alpha FMC - Why Alpha

Why Alpha?

Benchmarking has been at the core of Alpha’s proposition since we opened in 2003. Since then we’ve become recognised as the undisputed leader in benchmarking for asset and wealth managers.

Over the years we’ve worked with more than 100 leading asset and wealth managers from all over the world, assessing various aspects of their businesses.

We have an unmatched set of data to use in the comparisons and a proven methodology that allows us to benchmark managers of different scale and profile.

Q&A with Bo Lantorp, Head of Benchmarking

What’s a typical reason to start benchmarking?

Lack of visibility into the market is the single biggest reason. Typically, an asset and wealth manager might run all their operations in-house and not know how their cost and service performance compares to the market.

They want to look at outsourcing but need to establish that their current operations are inefficient and need guidance as to the best options available.

Another common starting point would be that an asset and wealth manager has a legacy system that’s served them well for decades but needs replacing. With such a complex vendor landscape it can be hard to know the best options for a replacement.

Our benchmarking data will give them a broad overview of the marketplace. And whether it’s actually cost-effective to replace the legacy system. Based on our information we can give them a clear steer on which providers are best placed to support them.

Isn’t there a risk you’ll share sensitive information?

We’re totally independent so our advice is always impartial. We’ve worked with most leading asset and wealth managers over decades and our data is completely anonymised.

Asset and wealth businesses are highly protective of their information for good reason. This can mean however, that they operate in such a bubble - their investments in technology and operations don’t conform to any best practice, which can affect their competitiveness. Our benchmarking gives them a valuable insight into the industry without compromising their own business’s data.

Alpha FMC Benchmarking