Alpha FMC partners with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation as its Charity of the Year

The global leader in asset and wealth management consulting announces its partnership with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity that focusses on reducing the risk of children being sexually abused.

Alpha is delighted to announce that it will partner with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation as its 2017 Charity of the Year. The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is the only UK charity focussed solely on reducing the risk of children being sexually abused. The Foundation’s mission is to prevent the sexual abuse of children and young people by working with protective adults, those affected by abuse and those perpetrating it, including young people with harmful sexual behaviour.

The charity’s services, programmes and projects are designed to place a protective shield around children, to help prevent abuse from ever happening, or from happening again. The Foundation helps adults identify early signs of abuse in children and recognise inappropriate behaviour in other adults. It also runs the Stop It Now! helpline for concerned adults to seek information anonymously.

The partnership with Alpha will assist the Lucy Faithfull Foundation in improving their level of service, from supporting the Foundation’s ‘Yours Faithfully’ fundraising campaign with creativity and fresh ideas, to pro bono consultancy support for their business operations. This will all help realise the Foundation’s vision for a world in which children live free from abuse and exploitation.

Alpha chose to partner with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation after a rigorous selection process and all-company vote.

Alpha’s Head of Marketing Nick Fienberg commented:

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation in 2017. The importance of their work really struck a chord with us and we are looking forward to helping them in their cause via fundraising, raising awareness and sharing the business skills we have in our company.”

Head of Fundraising and External Relations at The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Deborah Denis, said:

“We are thrilled to have been selected as Alpha’s charity of the year and are very excited about the prospect of working with them over the next 12 months. Having the support of Alpha will make a huge difference to a small charity like us, and not just because of the fundraising opportunities the partnership will present.

“We’re also really looking forward to learning from their expertise in other areas too – like enhancing our internal communications and systems. We’re a small charity with a bold and innovative approach which seeks to protect children by preventing sexual abuse before it happens. Alpha’s support means we will be able to work with more people and organisations to create a safer world for children. So, a huge thank you from all of us to everyone at Alpha for selecting us as their charity of the year.”