Driving Enterprise Agility

Kevin O'Shaughnessy

Enterprise Agility is becoming a hot topic for Asset Managers; our 2018 Digital Readiness survey highlighted the increased focus in this area and showed that many firms are just starting on this journey. We have seen that the development of Enterprise Agility runs alongside digital transformation ambitions, with the two topics in close alignment.

Alpha have experience in deploying agile transformation with various Asset Managers and have learned lessons along the way that can help our clients to avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur in programmes of this kind. For example, we are often asked questions such as;

  • What is the definition of Enterprise Agility and what are the component parts?
  • How is this applied in Asset Management – what are the unique aspects which are different to the way Agile has been delivered in Banks and other companies?
  • What is the benefits case that firms are seeking to achieve, and how is it enabling them to bring investment solutions to market or driving greater client focus?
  • Where do you start – does it always come out of Technology?
  • What are the common Agile operating models being deployed in the Asset Management sector – what are the new roles that appear in a firm as a result?

We are seeing an increased interest in this area from a number of our current clients and believe it will continue to be a hot topic in 2019. Alpha are responding to this trend by working with clients to begin, develop and deliver their response to enterprise agility; read our Introduction to Enterprise Agility attached below if you want to know more. Whether you are at the start of your Enterprise Agile journey or some way down the path to enterprise agility, get in touch to find out how Alpha could support you.

Introduction to Enterprise Agility

Agile transformation - driving enterprise agility

About the Author

Kevin O'Shaughnessy
Director - Head of Digital and Agile

Kevin is a Director at Alpha and leads our Digital & Agile practice. He has over 20 years experience of driving digital transformation across the Financial Services Sector and in particular in the Wealth and Asset Management space. His experience covers the full range of digital topics which he has deployed across a mix of channels including Direct to Consumer, Intermediated and platforms.