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Alpha Data Solutions are specialists in data analysis for asset and wealth management, helping clients analyse data to understand their businesses and make better decisions.

About Alpha Data Solutions

Alpha Data Solutions help you realise the true value of your data. Why struggle to keep on top of growing, inconsistent data, when we can help you create effective data aggregation programmes to manage the challenge? You’ll free staff from laborious tasks, stay competitive in a world of shrinking margins, and offer your clients the highly personalised service they demand.

Regulatory pressure is just one reason to get your data house in order. If you rely on one or two staff members to maintain complex excel spreadsheets or user developed applications, you’re exposed to unnecessary risk. You’re also missing out on cost efficiencies of up to 30%. And you’re dependent on important business processes that require better CBOR data such as verifying rebate payments or forecasting assets at risk and redemption.

Alpha Data Solutions bring consistency, accuracy and visibility to your data:
Our solutions are based on experience.

You can’t just bolt a system on to your business processes. Businesses are tempted to buy a well-known system and expect it to work with their highly specialist work flows. With decades of experience in the industry, we tailor systems to the precise challenges you face. And because we work with clients across the sector we know what works and what to avoid.

We bring common standards to a chaotic world of data.

You need to have your investments on several platforms for the maximum reach to potential customers. But different platforms have different standards, which makes your life complex. With our SalesVista 360 you only need to input the data once to satisfy the demands of all the platforms you subscribe to. Very quickly you’re data compliant.

We manage the risk as well as the data.

Managing data is highly complex to get right. The risk of error is high. So it’s crucial that the data is managed scrupulously – and that’s expensive to do in house. Our proven solutions bring bullet proof data management, reducing labour costs and risk at the same time. CEOs benefit from having complete visibility across their business.

Alpha 360 SalesVista

360 SalesVista is Alpha Data Solutions' enterprise application that harmonises hundreds of transaction and master data sources to produce a Daily Client Book of Record – flows, holdings and revenue matched to your firm’s master data for client, product and agreement.

Daily CBOR outputs are reconciled rigorously and packaged in a variety of analytical outputs at lower cost and greater accuracy, providing earlier access to actionable insights that are scalable and trusted across the Enterprise – a cost effective replacement for ageing local solutions and the cottage industry of spreadsheets currently in place across much of the industry.

Management Team

Our team have many years of experience in the sector, helping clients analyse data to understand their businesses and make better decisions.

Nina is Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Data Solutions. Nina joined Alpha in 2006 and has over 15 years experience in consulting to the asset management industry.

She was appointed to the role in April 2019 with a remit to extend and build Alpha’s product and solution capabilities, having previously served as Alpha’s global COO.

Greg is an Executive Director at Alpha Data Solutions and joined Alpha in 2015 after five years working as an associate delivering large, complex CRM programmes for our clients. He has specialist knowledge and experience of the data model, processes and technologies to match and report on flows and AUM data at client level.

Greg was previously UK Marketing Director for online stockbroker pioneer E*TRADE, and is a graduate of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand where he read Business and Japanese.

Stefan is a Director in our Data Solutions business and joined Alpha in 2017. Stefan is a specialist in creating data assets for asset managers and using them to improve the bottom line. His work included the creation of 360 SalesVista to provide “clean data” for distribution, predictive sales analytics, and client/product profitability.

Stefan has created a number of data driven products for the financial services industry and was the founder of TrackTwo which Alpha acquired in 2017. Stefan has worked at Oliver, Wyman & Co in the US and Europe. He holds a business degree from Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna and an MBA from Columbia Business School, NYC.

Lazar is a seasoned software professional and technology leader.

Having managed some of the highest profile consumer software initiatives for firms like Walmart, Home Depot, and Pfizer, Lazar brings a wealth of cutting-edge data and client management technology experience and best practices to the world of finance.

In 2015 Lazar co-founded Obsidian Solutions with the aim to unlock the business potential of investment and operational data.  At Obsidian Lazar oversaw the design and implementation of the flagship cloud framework and was instrumental in negotiating strategic partnerships which allowed the company to experience rapid growth and build on a strong reputation as a leading software provider in the industry.

Lazar also takes an active leadership role in the investment management community, often being asked to speak about cyber security, privacy, the future of cloud, and emerging technologies that are poised to disrupt how we work.

Lazar holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence Robotics from the University of Reading.