CRM & Client Portal Strategy & Vendor Selection

A market-leading replacement for an underperforming client portal, using Alpha’s industry insight and vendor selection process to meet bespoke client requirements.

Client Challenges

The client had a dated platform offering a poor client experience versus their competitors. It was no longer supported so there was urgent need for a solution; one which would meet the requirements for MiFID II (e.g. having a durable medium for receipt of documents).

The client needed to align it with a wider digital strategy and platform offering to their clients.

Alpha Approach

  • We undertook rigorous stakeholder engagement to ensure full understanding of the requirements across business areas, and buy-in to the project
  • We used our market insight and vendor knowledge to select a shortlist of client portal vendors, to include in the detailed RFP process
  • We facilitated workshops and demonstrations with the vendors to help ensure “best-fit” of the recommended solution
  • We leveraged significant expertise to quickly develop and recommend an implementation roadmap that would maximise business benefits

Client Benefits

The client gained a broader understanding of data architecture and business operating models. This allowed them to clearly communicate how the future client portal fits within the wider architecture, which facilitated wider change projects.

Alpha’s industry insight and knowledge of competitor solutions helped to deliver a market-leading platform ahead of required timelines.

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Client Types

  • Wealth management & professional services firm


  • COO


  • All

Geographic Scope

  • UK

Fund Types

  • Pooled funds
  • Discretionary fund management
  • Professional services