360 Sales Vista: Sales Reporting

Helping our client deliver a consistent view of client level flows and holdings at strategy and fund level

Client Challenges

Finance, Marketing, Client Service and Sales teams did not have a consistent view of client level flows and holdings at strategy and fund level in either its institutional or wholesale business.

This limited visibility of financial performance of clients transacting through third party platforms reduced opportunities for proactive service and marketing to clients. Reporting on sales performance was not definitive and rebates were more difficult to calculate for some markets.

There were a number of competing data sets across the which were in contention as the ‘golden source’ of master data for client and product.

Alpha Approach

  • Alpha consolidated a product master for CRM from various sources and supported data and functional enhancements to allow client hierarchies to be mastered in the CRM system. It then built new functionality in the CRM system to store and display flows and holdings at fund and strategy level against the client record
  • It implemented ‘matching functionality’ using a proprietary tool, 360 SalesVista. This enabled the client to take granular transaction data from diverse sources including fund supermarkets, platforms, segregated portfolios and TA accounts and allocate it accurately against the newly established client master
  • 360 SalesVista was implemented first as a managed service before transitioning to the client’s in-house solution infrastructure. The first phase matched flows and holdings the global institutional client base – for both internally traded and externally traded portfolios. The second phase provided a look through to underlying clients in two important wholesale markets. The final phase is add wholesale markets from the rest of the world with a goal of accurately allocating 95% of AUM

Client Benefits

The enhanced client level flows and holdings data is available to Global Finance Ops and to the enterprise CRM application for daily use by sales service and marketing.

The client insight team can now combine data about opportunities, meetings and events with accurate data about holdings and sales for the same client or client segment.

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