Enterprise IT

Choosing the right technology for your operating model.

Simplifying and standardising processes, and the architectures that support them, helps cut cost and allows organisations to focus on the core competencies that add value.
The challenge is finding the best technologies to pull all this together.

We’ve helped many of our clients standardise their technology and processes by replacing complex best-of-breed architectures with enterprise solutions.

With unrivalled knowledge of the enterprise systems available we’re able to explain their relative merits and how they integrate with the organisation’s wider technology.

We’re financial specialists

Because we work exclusively with asset and wealth managers, we understand their challenges.  We’re able to quickly evaluate the solutions that give them best value across functions such as:

  • Decision support & implementation
  • Pre-trade & post-trade compliance
  • Dealing
  • Middle office functions
  • Data management
  • Performance measurement & attribution
  • Investment risk
  • Portfolio risk

Supporting the whole lifecycle

We work closely with clients to define a technology roadmap that helps them achieve their business goals.

Typically our experts support the entire lifecycle of an initiative – advising on strategy and selection (RFI/RFP), negotiating contracts, completing due diligence and gap analysis, defining the target model design and implementing the solution.

We put business before technology

Organisations want results not technology. We understand how to translate their business ambitions into technology that will help get the results they’re looking for.

We tailor our advice and recommendations to your specific goals. We typically set ‘guiding principles’ upfront to make sure no one loses sight of the programme ambitions in the face of difficult decisions along the way.

The potential for enterprise IT solutions to connect organisations and make them more productive is very exciting. We’ve managed some large-scale integrations that transformed those businesses.
Jon Reed, Director
Recent Enterprise IT projects include:

June 5, 2015

Reviewing and redesigning the operating model, IT and data architecture in the US and UK, to enable collaborative global investment strategies.

June 5, 2015

A new front office platform with rapid, market leading negotiation of the provider contract, and a revitalised operating model to embed it.

Enterprise IT highlights

  • Experienced at replacing best of breed with enterprise solutions
  • Experienced in designing global target operating models across the entire value chain
  • Understand how technology can achieve business goals
  • Understand that soup-to-nuts technology change is as much an operational change programme as it is a technology programme