Compliance & Regulation

Our regulatory team help you prepare and thrive.

Are you confident that your company understands how the next wave of regulation will impact your business?
Keeping on top of an increasingly complex landscape of regulatory change is more challenging than ever. We help organisations adapt and prepare for the impacts of new demands.

More globalised financial markets mean that businesses often have to deal with multiple regulators. Which means addressing the same issues with different requirements.

Be prepared for change

Tighter deadlines increase the pressure on a business. Clashing deadlines from different regulators can swamp a business’ ability to cope.

  • We prepare organisations for the commercial, operational and customer service impacts on their business
  • We help our clients develop roadmaps to navigate complex and overlapping regulation
  • We translate regulations into definitive, practical and achievable change projects
We make sure management teams understand how they can stay compliant and still plan for growth in the face of changing regulation.
Nick Baker, Global Chief Commercial Officer
Recent Compliance & Regulation projects include:

September 20, 2016

Aiding a Global Asset Manager to review their best execution operating model to identify ‘gaps’ to current regulations, forthcoming MiFID II requirements, and industry best practice

February 12, 2016

Conducting an evaluation of the client’s EMIR strategy, complete with a set of recommendations

Compliance & regulation highlights

  • Create a road map for navigating future change
  • Identify overlaps from different regulators
  • Identify and implement changes to systems and operations