Product Development

More focused products mean better business.

Investors are overwhelmed with product choices. To stand out, products need to be tightly matched to customers’ ambitions. But after years of organic growth and acquisitions, products are often unfocused and inconsistent.

With extensive research and benchmarking we help our clients compare products and identify which ones match their overall business strategy.

Streamline portfolios and spot opportunities

Our analysis includes changes in customer and regulatory demands and how best to evolve a product suite to meet these demands.

We identify which products to consolidate and which to shut down.

And where there are gaps, we help our clients define new products and advise on the technology and operations changes needed to realise them.

Advice for the whole product cycle

Our team has experience in supporting the entire lifecycle of product development:

  • We look at the business strategy and make sure products match business goals
  • We help segment customers much more accurately to provide better-targeted product communications
  • We check how the current regulatory framework and any future legislation will impact product ranges
  • We define and manage change programmes that result from new products
Recent Product Development projects include:

February 12, 2016

Aiding a Third Party Administrator to overcome cash and foreign exchange challenges by developing more efficient processes and a new product

February 12, 2016

Aiding the launch process of two new funds, whilst also providing a structure for future launches

Product Development highlights

  • More focused products that target customer needs
  • Streamlined portfolios that are easier to manage
  • Research on latest customer demands