Operations & Outsourcing

In-house or outsource? We help you find the best operating model.

To outsource or not to outsource, that is often the question. Deciding on the best operating model, and knowing whether in-house will be more effective than outsourced, taxes most organisations.
Perspective is what we bring. Our comprehensive knowledge of the best and most efficient operating models will give you the confidence to make the right choice.

Making an accurate comparison

We help businesses evaluate potential changes to their operating model.

Our annual Investment Operations Benchmarking Survey will give you key insights on costs, service and capability.

Choosing providers

Because we work regularly with a wide range of outsource providers, we can share direct experience of their strengths and weaknesses.

We can give clients fresh insights on providers’ suitability and appetite for an outsourcing deal. And we can advise on their ability to support your business – as part of a comprehensive approach to due diligence.

Managing the delivery process

Our Outsourcing Best Practice Methodology allows us to move quickly and execute projects using existing expertise and proprietary project tools, templates and methodologies.

Complex integrations can be intensive and stressful. Our team has the resilience, experience and expertise to help our clients meet the demands. And we can quickly upscale and upskill an in-house team too.

Whether it’s in-depth expertise in provider assessment and selection, or management of a business transition programme, Alpha provides an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise.
Nicolas Xanthopoulos, CEO Luxembourg
Recent Operations & Outsourcing projects include:

February 12, 2016

Aiding a Third Party Administrator to overcome cash and foreign exchange challenges by developing more efficient processes and a new product

June 5, 2015

Onboarding a new client for a TPA with a full pipeline, and complex client needs for the provision of their investment operations services.

Operations & Outsourcing highlights

  • Extensive, direct knowledge of providers
  • Benchmarking for accurate comparisons
  • Personal experience of strengths and weaknesses
  • Insight to providers’ appetite for a project