M&A Consulting

Alpha helps our clients turn their mergers and acquisitions into success stories.

We have extensive experience and involvement in the industry’s most exciting and complex Mergers & Acquisitions, from developing them as opportunities through to delivering them in the form of fully integrated organisations.
We provide value throughout the M&A lifecycle, delivering: Pre M&A support, M&A planning and preparation and M&A integration

1. Pre M&A Support

We are typically engaged by clients seeking to leverage our deep industry experience and proprietary M&A market research to enable them to identify targets and make the best M&A decisions.

Our experience recognises the criticality of a careful and robust due diligence process that spans the entire organisation. Our extensive expertise across all investment management functions enables us to deploy experts who can accelerate the overall process and ensure that any risks and gaps are identified.

We regularly support our clients with:

  • Detailed market scans
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Detailed impact analysis
  • Strategic option analysis


2. Planning and Preparation

Realisation of the full value and goals of any transaction is heavily dependent on getting planning, governance and integration preparation right.

The industry has seen many deals fail to meet their full potential due to insufficient preparation up front.

At Alpha we support our clients through the early stages of M&A activity, bringing together proven operating model frameworks and clear, structured planning, refined through years of experience. Alpha’s tried-and-tested approach to integration planning combines experience and expertise to deliver lasting results.

We regularly provide services in:

  • Target Operating Model design
  • Detailed integration planning
  • Design-focused programme and project management across:
    • The Front Office;
    • Operations (MO and BO); Human Resources;
    • Compliance;
    • IT and Business Systems;
    • Distribution;
    • Performance; and
    • Client Reporting

3. M&A Integration

Mergers and acquisitions can be stressful affairs. Knowing that the integration is in capable hands allows your people to focus on the business.

Having been at the heart of some of the most significant M&A deals in Asset Management, we know what it takes to deliver complex, time-critical projects in demanding situations. Our integration experience is unparalleled, and covers people, systems and processes. Perhaps it’s not surprising that so many of our clients turn to our specialist team again and again to solve their integration challenges.

We regularly provide services in:

  • Middle and Back Office TPA transitions and consolidations
  • Transition-focused programme and project management across:
    • The Front Office;
    • Operations (MO and BO);
    • Human Resources;
    • Compliance;
    • IT and Business Systems;
    • Distribution;
    • Performance; and
    • Client Reporting
With years of experience we’re able to help clients manage integration without distracting them from the main challenges of their business.
Jon Benson, Head of M&A Practice
Recent M&A Integration projects include:

February 12, 2016

Running a Request for Proposal process and supporting the negotiation with a Loan Service Provider, alongside preparing for operational readiness

June 5, 2015

Managing the integration of two businesses over a tough 12 month timeline, to create the largest independent UK asset manager with over £350bn AUM.

M&A Consulting highlights

  • M&A lifecycle insight
  • Technical knowledge combined with commercial due diligence
  • In-depth planning to drive operational synergies
  • Expertise in post-merger integration business operating models and technical architecture
  • A specialist team with a proven track record
  • Extensive benchmarking data to drive value
  • High degree of repeat business