Client Service & Reporting

We help you make your data work harder.

Your clients have become increasingly sophisticated and demand more professional features, tools and reporting. Your competitors are adopting new technology that raises the bar in what they can offer customers in terms of the overall client experience.

Accurate information and good service are vital to protecting relationships with individuals, institutions and intermediaries.


Our investment manager client reporting solutions help our clients to keep their customers up to speed with their funds through accurate, timely reports.

We provide reporting solutions that help to keep a range of different customer types fully informed including:

  • Individuals
  • Institutions
  • Intermediaries

The level and detail of reporting will depend upon customers’ expectations. We make it easy to present information in helpful formats from basic fund fact sheets to highly detailed reports that satisfy individual reporting requirements set by customers.

By quickly being able to populate fact sheets or data sets, our solutions can cut down on the labour needed to compile reports and focus on service.


Our clients’ customers pay a premium for good service. We help them select and implement a CRM system that meets their customers’ needs.

With the right CRM system in place, organisations can respond to changes more quickly and enjoy the benefits of better customer relationships –  with the right solution, this also allows for a level of customer self-service, reducing the burden on client service teams.

Client reporting has become a vital market differentiator. Our client reporting solutions give our clients tangible edge in crowded markets
Greg Glass, Head of Distribution Operations & Client Reporting
Recent Client Service & Reporting projects include:

June 5, 2015

A new market leading model for global client reporting, for a rapidly growing business.

June 5, 2015

A strategic review and business case for an improved client reporting solution.

Client Service & Reporting highlights

  • Respond more effectively to customer demand
  • Keep ahead of your competitors’ ability to give great service
  • Make the right choice of technologies for your business
  • Harness the power of new smart tools
  • Enjoy better customer relationships
  • Reduce the burden on client service teams through enabling ‘self-service’