Making sure you measure up

How does your performance compare with your competitors? Is the relationship with your asset manager or service provider all it could be? It can be hard to tell.
Our benchmarking studies focus on comparable cost, performance and capability metrics across a range of functions to give clients invaluable insight into their relative cost and performance profile.

Our tools help clients collate, normalise and analyse data to make impartial, data-driven observations and recommendations. Our research covers investment operations, transfer agency, distribution and regulation. We also offer a well-established Outsourcing Benchmarking service.

Benchmarking relationships 

Our Outsourcing Benchmarking gives asset managers and service providers an independent take on their relationship. Both sides often use the results as part of their evaluation and selection processes. And the tool can be used to continually assess relationships.

Our proprietary models benchmark the core components of their relationship including:

  • Tariff/Rate Card
  • Key Performance Indictors(KPIs) and Service Performance
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Commercial Contract Items

With an unmatched library of tariffs, KPI and SLA documents in our database, we’re able to give asset managers and service providers real context for their relationship and pinpoint areas for improvement.

We give our clients facts that allow them to see their place in the market and negotiate from a position of knowledge.
Bo Lantorp, Director
Recent Benchmarking projects include:

June 5, 2015

Selecting a market leading fund accounting and regulatory reporting solution, to replace an obsolete one and position the business for optimum growth.

June 5, 2015

Benchmarking an in-house operations’ cost and capability against our global comparison data, to pinpoint key service recommendations for the future.

Benchmarking highlights

  • Impartial advice
  • Global peer comparisons
  • Relationship tracking
  • Unmatched library of data