About Alpha

We supply perspective, strategy and technical expertise to the world’s top asset and wealth managers.

As the company with the largest dedicated team of consultants to asset and wealth managers, we have unrivalled knowledge of the industry. With offices around the world, our global expertise and ability to respond at a local level set us apart.

Our unique focus

We give clients solutions specifically geared to asset and wealth management.

Our intellectual property

Unparalleled benchmarking data, methodologies and accelerators, gives clients fresh perspectives on their services and strategies.

Our access to regional insight

Our expertise means we can successfully manage and deliver complex global projects.

Our consultants

We offer clients the benefit of experience gained in the industry or major consulting firms.

Alpha by numbers

  • Offices in 8 major financial centres: London, New York, Boston, Paris, The Hague, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Singapore
  • 130 leading asset and wealth management clients
  • Clients include 21 of the top 25 global asset managers
We must be doing something right. We already work with over 80% of the top 25 global asset managers. Now, what can we do for you?

What We Do

Financial Markets Consulting

Our consultants are specialists, not just in their area of expertise, or the broader capability, but in the industry they serve.

No consultancy matches us for the number of experts dedicated to asset and wealth management.

Our advice is not generic advice retweaked for a particular instance. Instead, it is packed with insight from working closely with the leading companies in these sectors.

Our solutions are based on industry experience and are completely in tune with the needs of specific industry markets.

Our consultants have an unrivalled track record in delivering major projects for the world’s leading asset and wealth managers across every aspect of their business.

Our teams have extensive experience of delivering over the complete lifecycle of projects:

Strategy & Advisory

Our insight helps you plan for the future

Evaluation & Selection

Making it easier to make the right decision

Implementation & Execution

Expertise and resources to deliver projects on time and on budget


Making sure you measure up globally

Alpha FMC Specialisms

M&A Consulting

Turning mergers and acquisitions into integrated success stories

Operations & Outsourcing

In-house or outsource? We help you find the best operating model

Front Office IT

Putting your front office at the forefront of efficiency

Enterprise IT

Choosing the right operating model

CRM & Distribution

We help you put your customers first

Digital Transformation

Putting digital at the heart of your business

Client Service & Reporting

We help you make your data work harder

Compliance & Regulation

Our regulatory team help you prepare and thrive

Data Management

We help you make your data work harder to give you an edge

Product Development

Helping you to make your portfolio stand out

Data Solutions

Specialists in data analysis for asset and wealth management.

Our expertise with data is very specific: we work exclusively with clients in the asset and wealth management industry. Our team have many years of experience in the sector, helping clients analyse data to understand their businesses and make better decisions.

Instead of having to reinvent the wheel for every challenge, they have built robust tools to meet specific data challenges in the industry from understanding costs to analysing revenue.

We search the market continually for data solutions and tools that will make a difference.

We continue to build rich data sets to make sure we deliver the right results for our clients.

We deliver the following powerful data service:

Alpha Markets

Working with the best managers and providers brings out the best in us.

With our roots in asset management consultancy, the insights we’ve gained from working with the best benefit a range of clients including:

  • Asset managers
  • Wealth managers
  • Intermediaries
  • Platform providers
  • Outsource service providers

Whether we’re working with a start-up or a global name managing trillions of dollars, our approach is the same: define the challenge and provide a solution that is a perfect fit with the business.

Asset Management

We now work with over 130 asset managers across the globe, including 76% of the top 50, adding value to every functional area, from front to back office.

As well as traditional asset, insurance and pension businesses, we advise private equity and hedge funds as well as businesses managing funds of funds. Our clients cover the whole spectrum of institutional, intermediary and retail asset managers.

Wealth Managers

We work with some of the most prestigious wealth managers operating across the globe. Our projects include work for private banking, wealth solutions, discretionary fund managers and family office services.

Platforms & Intermediaries

We work with intermediaries and platform providers to provide solutions for our clients, In turn we recommend the platforms that perform best for the challenges we’re asked to solve.

We work with global platforms on behalf of advisers, clearing houses, exchanges, utilities and brokers.

Outsource Service Providers

We’re in the unique position of having worked with the majority of the major service providers and can provide recent and independent insights.

We recommend and help implement all types of operating model from regional centres of excellence to follow-the-sun models.

Our work covers fund services, custody and trading but we also count service providers and some of the world's largest technology outsourcers as our clients.