360 Sales Vista

Powering your client sales engine

Alpha helps our clients convert disparate data sources into actionable insights that provide real business value.

We have developed a proprietary tool that delivers accurate sales data broken down to client level from the opaque sources typically available.

We use these data insights to provide value across the business, throughout distribution, finance and compliance.

1. 360 Sales Vista Implementation

We are typically engaged by clients seeking to leverage our proprietary tool to transform their client and AUM data models.

Our experience recognises the importance of data solutions that are cost effective and flexible to implement. We work with the vast majority of externally available data sets and can easily implement a wide range of formats and insights with high accuracy of data.

We regularly support our clients to capture and interrogate data from:

  • Platforms
  • Fund Supermarkets
  • Client Reports
  • Transfer Agents
  • Fund of Funds
  • Market Data Providers

As well as internal sources of data from:

  • Product Masters
  • Client Masters
  • Operations Data

2. 360 Sales Vista Business Solutions

Realisation of the full value and goals of any data tool is heavily dependent on feeding the right legacy systems and performing the right analysis.

The industry has seen many data solutions fail to meet their full potential due to excessive costs, poor data quality and challenges with integrating legacy systems.

At Alpha we support our clients through the full life cycle of data solutions. Alpha’s tried-and-tested approach combines experience and expertise to deliver lasting results.

We regularly provide data services in:

  • Management Information & Board Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • LTV & Segmentation Analysis
  • CRM / Proactive & Reactive Sales Calls
  • Sales Remuneration Calculations
  • Target Market Reporting
  • Sales Region Planning & Activity Management
  • Fee Calculations / Retrocessions
  • Regulatory Reporting
Recent 360 Sales Vista projects include:

September 29, 2017

Helping our client deliver a consistent view of client level flows and holdings at strategy and fund level

September 29, 2017

Helping our client analyse data to understand their business and make better decisions

360 Sales Vista highlights

  • 95%+of AUM & sales mapped accurately to underlying client
  • Standardize diverse external and internal sources from all markets
  • 40% cost reduction within 12 months. Payback in 24 months
  • Data outputs enhances sales, marketing, compliance, finance, CRM and management information
  • Implementation accelerators for 15+ market to realise benefits in 4-6 weeks