At Alpha we all contribute to the development of our sustainable culture, and work hard to make sure that we support our clients and each other, as well as give back to the wider community.

Diversity & Inclusion

Alpha is committed to supporting, and growing, a diverse team and providing an inclusive work environment. Our strategic objectives for this are overseen by our Board's ESG Committee, and we operate networks with wide participation across our teams in six key strands.


Ensure that all Alpha employees globally feel that Alpha supports and recognizes the importance of mental health and wellbeing, considering it crucial to the success of our business.


Ensure Alpha continues to be a fair and inclusive place to work for everyone, where employees feel empowered to succeed regardless of their own sexual orientation or gender identity.

Gender equality

Achieve and sustain gender diversity at all levels within Alpha, through a culture that empowers employees to discuss, experience and better understand gender inclusivity and the engagement of the industry on gender inclusivity best practice.

Social mobility

Ensure Alpha nurtures an inclusive workplace where employees continue to thrive based on potential and ability regardless of socioeconomic background.

Ethnic & cultural diversity

We are committed to ensuring success for Alpha employees across all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, through initiatives and activities which drive equality and inclusivity.

Disability confidence

Working to establish Alpha as a Disability-friendly organisation, ensuring that our recruitment and HR processes operate without discrimination and that colleagues feel supported and empowered. Also providing company-wide training to raise awareness. Alpha has attained Level 2 Disability Confidence status.

Our partnership with Alpha this year has exceeded all expectations. Charities will always be grateful for the money these partnerships raise, but the engagement Alpha staff have shown in our work and their professionalism in setting up new systems for data storage and information flow will be worth far more.
Deborah Denis, Head of Fundraising and External Relations at The Lucy Faithfull Foundation (previous charity partner)


Charity of the Year

Our Charity of the Year programme allows Alpha's regional businesses to select charities with which to work in the year ahead, enabling the teams to focus their efforts locally and maximise their collective impact. Anyone at Alpha can nominate an organisation, and everyone gets a vote to decide who we will support in the coming year.

Our support focuses on two core components:

  • Pro Bono Consulting: offering our consulting services for free to help deliver lasting change for our partner organisation. Recent projects have included implementing a new database for a UK helpline and assessing a charity’s workplace giving vendor to ensure it best meets their needs.
  • Awareness and Fundraising: raising awareness and funds for our partner organisation through events including ice hockey games, sponsored runs, quizzes, and everything in between

Alpha's Corporate Impact

Corporate Citizenship

Alpha is committed to combatting and preventing modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. We have in place procedures and policies throughout our business, supply and procurement chains to support this, a statement of which can be found here. These processes are reviewed annually.


Alpha UK partners with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) which works to improve opportunities for young people from low-income backgrounds. We run an annual mentoring scheme, pairing Alpha employees with school leavers who are looking to go to university and start work in the City but have no professionals in their immediate network.


Summer interns, partnership with SMF to provide opportunities to young people who wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to the industry.