Trends in Investment Reporting


  • The global investment markets continue to challenge investor objectives with volatility and low returns, whilst simultaneously digital channels are becoming the global norm. End Investors expect to receive information on their investments in flexible formats, not locked-down documents
  • Our Clients operate under conditions of ever-increasing regulatory burdens, and Investment Reporting is the natural fit for proving compliance; however, the required skill sets are often not adequately developed within these teams
  • End Investors are investing in increasingly complex products, and many of our Clients are developing solutions to satisfy these needs. Traditional Investment Reporting does not adequately service these enhanced requirement

Why is it important for our clients?

  • These market conditions have come together to make a strong case for our Clients to revisit how client reports are produced and delivered to market. The benefits to our Clients of addressing these issues are improved efficiency and also the potential to differentiate to their Clients & Prospects
  • For now, and in the immediate future, information and service touchpoints outside the investment industry are rapidly becoming more prolific. However, there is still internal delineation between these information sources. Over the medium term, these additional source will blur and Investment Managers will be expected adapt to this proliferation

Key challenges for investment managers

  • Investment Reporting encompasses many different deliverables, and many Investment Managers continue to produce these through distinct parallel processes. This means multiple platforms, data sources and inefficiencies
  • The standard industry operating model sees Investment Reporting Teams spending significant effort on low-value tasks such as coordinating content and formatting. These manual tasks result in processes that are not scalable or flexible to the market demands; in a digital age content needs to be unbundled and flexible

How can Alpha help?

Alpha’s view is that minor operating model adjustments can significantly improve the quality, relevance and impact of the Investment Reporting functions of our Clients. This is achieved through reduced time, effort and expense of report production. By leveraging existing platforms that most of our Clients already operate, we avoid the costs and disruptions of technology implementations.

  • Benchmarking – Alpha is able to benchmark Investment Reporting output against an extensive library of reports of peer firms, identifying areas in which our Client may be leading or lagging. We can support the Client in redesigning typical Investment Reports, ensuring that they are in line with best practice with respect to depth of content, processing efficiency, and digital readiness
  • Discovery & Strategy – Alpha can support or lead our Clients in defining their future global vision of Investment Reporting, referencing Investor experience analysis and industry insights
  • Operating Model & Roadmap – Alpha is able to support the redesign of our Clients’ operating models by optimising existing reporting platforms, as well as adjusting team structures and processes to maximise operational efficiency and scalability. We have strong experience in multi-channel capability design to cater to the digital-first world. Measuring success of these initiatives will be important to our Clients, and as such we can leverage our benchmarking in the definition of success metrics
  • Business & Technology Implementation – Examples of projects Alpha can execute include: Vendor selection and evaluation, integration with existing business systems and global project management and implementation capabilities. Alpha’s guiding principle is to design a content production strategy to ensure that content is created with cross-client and cross-channel dissemination in mind from the outset

“The world of reporting and data will change in 2017. Asset managers will focus on new automation platforms that will help make reporting less time-consuming, less erroneous and more transparent. This goes hand-in-hand with making more data available to investors and finding ways to personalise the client experience by using data that’s already available to the Investment Manager.”


Thomas Parish, Alpha Manager