Corporate & Social Responsibility

Alpha are proud of our commitment to be a socially and ethically responsible company.

Alpha have worked with Heart of the City to implement a Corporate & Social Responsibility (“CSR”) policy to maximise the benefits and minimise the downsides of our economic, social and environmental impact.

Heart of the City is a registered charity launched by Lord George and The Lord Mayor of the City of London to provide free support for businesses wanting to develop or expand their existing CSR programme.

Minimising our impact on the environment

  • Recycling where possible

We have introduced recycling facilities for all office waste and implemented a process to monitor and track waste and recycling figures.

  • Reducing our use of paper

We use recycled paper for much of our printed materials and encourage staff to print double-sided in black & white ink whenever possible. We actively monitor our paper usage to ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum.

  • Saving electricity

We encourage staff to save electricity by turning off air conditioning, equipment and lights when they are not in use. We do not leave any lights on in the office out of hours.

Promoting a good work / life balance

  • Encouraging flexible working patterns

Staff are encouraged to work from home when possible and Alpha will aim to accommodate flexible working arrangements for staff. Staff are actively encouraged to be open about time constraints and workload, to ensure they feel able to voice concerns if the demands placed on them are too great.

  • Cycle to work scheme

Alpha promote the government’s ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme to allow employees to set-up a salary sacrifice for bikes and commuting equipment completely tax free.

  • Maternity and paternity Leave

Alpha exercises a fair and flexible maternity and paternity leave policy.

Procurement which focuses upon ethical suppliers and/or local businesses

  • Making ethical procurement choices

We procure Fair Trade products wherever possible.

Enabling staff to participate in voluntary charitable activities

  • Encouraging charitable activity

Our people engage with and support a wide range of charities. Alpha make regular donations to UK and international charities that have special links with our consulting staff and associates.

We are particularly proud of our work with AfriKids who we have been working with since 2003:

AfriKids is a UK and Ghana based charity which works to empower isolated rural communities in northern Ghana to address the needs of vulnerable children and their families by working in a sustainable and holistic way to ensure that the root causes of child rights violations are tackled and lasting change is achieved.

Alpha has introduced an initiative to provide the AfriKids Ghana Senior Management Team with a series of training sessions and training materials focused on providing practical advice and concrete examples for some of Alpha’s areas of expertise – such as Project Management and Computer Skills – which are equally essential to the Ghana management team’s daily work.

Proving a framework for Charitable Fundraising and Payroll Giving

  • Encouraging use of the Give-As-You-Earn scheme

We provide the ability for staff to donate to charities on a regular or one-off basis using the give-as-you-earn scheme to allow charitable donations to be given directly from gross salary; Alpha also donates the National Insurance (12.8%) on any money donated.

  • Christmas card donation

Alpha provide an annual Christmas card donation to AfriKids in place of giving clients physical cards.